Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Story Of A Champion

When Marion Luna Brem was thirty years old, she was diagnosed to have cervical and breast cancer.She had her cervix removed. And then her breasts.

And then the very painful chemotherapy.

Even with the chemo, doctors gave her only two to five years to live.

That wasn’t all. She had other problems.

First, while taking her chemo, her marriage ended. Cancer had taken its toll not only on her body but on her marriage. Her husband divorced her.

Second, she was in a financial hole. She owed $500,000 in medical bills.

Third, she had no job. She was a housewife most of her life. How could she now feed her two boys?

One day, she was having a really bad day with the chemo. She was mostly on her knees, kneeling on her bathroom tiles, hugging the toilet bowl. She was vomiting the entire day. She felt absolutely awful.

Meanwhile, she could hear her two kids making a lot of noise in the kitchen. And then she smelled something burning.

Her two kids entered the bathroom, holding a pan of macaroni and cheese. “Don’t worry Mom,” the oldest said, “only the bottom is burned. We can still eat the top part.”

Right at that moment, something clicked in Marion’s heart. She knew that dying wasn’t an option. She grabbed a powerful belief in her heart. She believed she must not die. She cannot! And she pulled herself from the floor.

That was a defining moment for her.

Though still weak, she put a cheap wig (because she was bald) and a prosthesis on her bra, and went out to apply for a job.

She knocked on a car dealership and applied to sell cars. She literally begged for a job, explaining her situation to the man.

She couldn’t even enter the dealership. She was told to go away.

After two weeks, and after 16 rejections, she was inside her car, crying. She was losing hope.

But she held on to her belief.

This wasn’t the end of her story. She wasn’t going to end it this way!

And she got out and tried one more time.

And that was when she changed her strategy. “I won’t tell them that I need a job,” she said, “I’ll tell them that they need me!”

She knocked on the door of one more car dealership and said, “I can do something for your company. I can sell your cars!”—and she was accepted on the spot.

Once upon a time, a doctor gave her only 2 to 5 years to live.

Today, she’s is strong and healthy—twenty-five years later!

Once upon a time, she was not only penniless, she was buried in a mountain of debt.

Today, Marion has built a business empire with revenues of $45 Million a year. And a part of this empire is her very own car dealership!

Nothing Is Impossible!

Marion was a 30-year old jobless housewife, stricken with cancer, divorced by her husband, and in debt. Yet today, she’s a multi-millionaire running many companies.

Friend, there is hope for you.

You don’t have to be poor.

You don’t have to be buried in debt.

You don’t have to suffer financial struggles.

You can be financially free.


Change your beliefs.

Prosper your mind so you can prosper your money.

May your dreams come true,

Donny F. Awa

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