Monday, December 21, 2009

I Fell In Love


To me, life is about creating moments.

I must admit, I fell in love with the loveliest woman on the planet.But, I got a big problem! She is only a second year college student and I'm twenty nine years old and turning thirty this coming year. Oh my goodness!!!One more year and I couldn't see my age on the calendar. Hahaha...

It was two years ago when I saw this young lady in the registrar's office getting her enrollment form. I still remember that day, I know it was love at first sight. I told to myself,( bagay siya sa akin...)hahaha!!!

The good thing was, we became friends and got to know each other...

I think and I believe that both of us are moral, diligent and wholesome ( to some people that means " boring" but to me that means wise).

They say that when it comes to love, opposite attracts.

Yes, it adds a little sizzle in a relationship. Partners may differ on tastes - perhaps the woman loves fried chicken but the man eats only vegetable and fried galunggong. Partners can differ on the best way to spend their weekend - perhaps he likes going to church but she likes just staying at home and study. Partners can differ in personality - perhaps he likes to listen and she likes to talk.

All these differences are fine. They can compliment each other.

But at the end of the day, I believe it's the COMMON THINGS that will HELP hold a relationship together. (1) common values (2) common vision (3) common passion.

Friends, let us find our one true love who will share the same values, vision and passions.

Live with purpose.

Donny F. Awa

Friday, December 4, 2009

Have an Entrepreneur Mindset


From now on, you have to think like an Entrepreneur.

I can hear people saying, “But I’m just an Employee! You’re right. You may be an Employee in a government, a construction worker, a nurse, a call center agent. But your entire world is changing. Even if you’re working for someone else, you still have to think like an Entrepreneur.

Think this way. If your name is Donny Awa, then you’re the Chairman of the Board of Donny Awa Personal Services Inc.

Why the shift?
Because there are so many people who are miserable in their jobs and all they do is complain the whole day about their crummy boss and their crummy salary and their crummy company.

Listen to me.
Complaining accomplishes nothing.
Complaining is useless.
Instead of complaining, TAKE CHARGE!
God made you responsible for your career.
Unless you take responsibility, nothing happens.

How Do You Think?
Like An Employee or An Entrepreneur?

Find out if you think like an Employee or an Entrepreneur.

If you think like an Entrepreneur, you just don’t understand what you do. You understand why you do what you do.Even if you’re just a messenger. You’re thinking of how to increase profits and lower down costs. You’re thinking of how to wow the customer and keep him for life.

Here are examples of Employee Thinking:

1.“My salary is so small, its just enough for my daily transportation and lunch!

Then why are you still working there? Don’t say you have nowhere to go. When you say that, it becomes a reality for you. Hey, I’m not asking you to resign. I’m asking you to look for a solution. Take responsibility. Make things happen!

Let me introduce you to a few options of the Entrepreneurial Mind…

Option #1: Get more training and get promoted
Option #2: Look for another job within the company where there’s more growth
Option #3: Become a Supplier to your company (Look at what your company needs and create a business by supplying this product to them.)
Option #4: Keep your day job and start a business on the side
Option #5: Look for another job at another company

The choices are endless!

2. “My company is Prehistoric. It hasn’t developed me. I don’t receive any training!”

This is classic Employee thinking: They wait for their HR Department to tell them to attend seminars, arrange training programs, and supply them with books to read.But Entrepreneurs take charge for their personal development. They keep reading. They keep learning. They keep innovating. They attend internet courses, correspondence courses, and night classes. They get the best mentors they can find. Because Entrepreneurs know that if they don’t innovate, they’ll become obsolete one day.

Question: This year, what have you been doing to develop yourself?

3. “Me, save? Nah. My company will give me a nice retirement package…”

Believe me, even if you’re 16, you should start building your retirement.Here’s my harsh message: Don’t depend on your company to give you a retirement package. Even if they will give you one, trust me, it won’t be enough.What if after your retirement you lived for another 20 years or 30 years? Do you think your one or two or three million will last for 20 or 30 years? Don’t count on it.Perhaps three years. Perhaps five, etc. After that, you’ll be poor as a rat.

I urge you to take charge for your financial future. How? Build a separate retirement package on your own!

Here’s what you do. Starting today, set aside 20% of your income every month. Next: Invest it. Don’t put it in the Bank. Learn how to use Bonds, Mutual Funds, Equity Funds, and Stocks. It’s not as difficult as you think it is. Grow!

Friend, be an ENTREPRENEUR.
No matter what you do.