Monday, December 21, 2009

I Fell In Love

To me, life is about creating moments.

I must admit, I fell in love with the loveliest woman on the planet.But, I got a big problem! She is only a second year college student and I'm twenty nine years old and turning thirty this coming year. Oh my goodness!!!One more year and I couldn't see my age on the calendar. Hahaha...

It was two years ago when I saw this young lady in the registrar's office getting her enrollment form. I still remember that day, I know it was love at first sight. I told to myself,( bagay siya sa akin...)hahaha!!!

The good thing was, we became friends and got to know each other...

I think and I believe that both of us are moral, diligent and wholesome ( to some people that means " boring" but to me that means wise).

They say that when it comes to love, opposite attracts.

Yes, it adds a little sizzle in a relationship. Partners may differ on tastes - perhaps the woman loves fried chicken but the man eats only vegetable and fried galunggong. Partners can differ on the best way to spend their weekend - perhaps he likes going to church but she likes just staying at home and study. Partners can differ in personality - perhaps he likes to listen and she likes to talk.

All these differences are fine. They can compliment each other.

But at the end of the day, I believe it's the COMMON THINGS that will HELP hold a relationship together. (1) common values (2) common vision (3) common passion.

Friends, let us find our one true love who will share the same values, vision and passions.

Live with purpose.

Donny F. Awa


  1. Nice post sir Donz...Keep it up! I agree with this blog post.

    We love you!!!

  2. Nice Donz!

    sana maggirlfriend ka na...hahaha

  3. you kuya, it's soooooo nice!


  4. simple yet elegant....
    keep up the gud wrr...
    god bless us all...