Thursday, August 6, 2009

The True Millionaire’s Prayer

Welcome to my Blog!!!

I would like to start this blog with a Prayer. The ultimate essence of prayer: to know our needs, understand their source, comprehend their true objectives. To direct our minds and hearts to He who implanted them within us, defined their purpose, and provides us with the means to fulfill them.



Today, I ask You to bless me so that I may become a blessing.
Lord, I commit myself to enrich others.
But because I cannot give what I do not have,
I commit myself to become rich.
I commit myself to serve You and to serve the poor with my wealth.
Today, I open myself to the abundance of Your universe.
Use me as Your channel of love.
Give me the ability to create wealth that will bless the world.
Increase my financial wisdom and expand my territories.
I place my life in your hands, Amen.

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